5th july app stopped working. Looking for quick resolution

This is really frustrating what dhan is doing last 2-3 days. App stopped working whenever make new position. I have bought a position today and after that your app stopped working, due to which i was not able to come out of position and suffered huge loss which is almost 25% of my capital. neither i was able to see my position and nor able to put stop loss.

Need quick update and resolution .
kindly respond, what needs to be done.

I have already mailed, but no response yet.
i have shared order id and timestamp when booked order.

Waiting patiently only and this is not first time happened when trading on dhan.
it just that reporting first time.

Agreed, tech is never error free.
but if server is having some issue then it should not accept partial order as well like for example you are able to buy position but you cannot manage it.

We regret the inconvenience.

Our team will soon reach out to you addressing your concern.

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Same Problem here also Sir

I have faced the same issue. I have placed an market buy order at 09:22 which is not executed, so I thought that i have not clicked the buy button. So I have clicked the buy button again, but still not executed the order, so i thought that there will be issue, so i have checked the order book and positions, both are nil so i have decided to wait till next setup to enter the trade. Suddenly at 09:33 my one order get executed and at 09:37 my next order get executed. I was not in a position to square-off the order as price was goes down, so i have put the sale order at the cost price and waited till day end. Still my order is opened ( it was normal order). I have already in the positive for my scalping order if it was executed at timely manner. I am always do the scalping at 09:20 and get 10 points in Nifty or 20 points in BankNifty. But today I am still in loss. How to claim this loss if it is not get the cost-to-cost on tomorrow?

I’m not sure whether it will help or not, but you can share mail to help3july@dhan.co with your order details.
I have also done the same waiting for dhan response.

Thank you :+1:

Hi @RahulDeshpande,
Could you please let us know what is the expected time for resolution this kind issues?
Because I still not got any kind of response from dhan.

Hope you have emailed your concern at help3july@dhan.co. If yes, our team will get back to you soon don’t worry.

@RahulDeshpande when you say soon, what it means?
Cant you just provide estimation? It’s your platform you should have idea about average estimation time for these type of issue.
And since dhan is breaking everyday now you have better idea.
As a user I can wait max 1-2 days, if I don’t find any resolution I will just report it to SEBI.

@Azhar So if you’re aware of so many things, is these anything user can do about this?

@Azhar it’s good approach, shift back to old broker.
I have patience till 1-2 days, if I did not find any resolution then will move back to old broker.

Sometime back you replied soon means tomorrow noon. Now you’re saying 10-14 days.
Are you a dhan user or dhan employee?

@RahulDeshpande irony is, your user @Azhar is able to provide estimation but you are not. :smile:

first of all we are here because we are user of dhan. 2nd thing is that they are responsible for losses happen due to technical glitch,
Third one is, their application live chat and customer care service is worse.
So only platform remaining is this community and youre saying atleast they are addressing your issue.

Be a supporter but don’t support blindly.

No need to fight, will wait maximum capacity of patience then just leave silently.
But I will definitely report to sebi even if this issue not concern to them. Atleast seeing lot of complaints they will take some action.

My husband told me to just book the loss (I have book the 1300.00 Loss) and not to react. Just stop using the DAN and back to Zerodha. He has told me that he is using big capital with the own build Algo and hence he is using the Zerodha because it is already evolved platform and never facing any technical glitch. Don’t go for lower brokerage, it will gives you big loss. So forget the loss and learn that dont go for lower rate, paying higher rate will give you peace of mind. So bye-bye dhan. Hope Dhan will fully evolve soon.

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