Dhan sending out gifts? πŸ˜€

hahaha, I see you are manifesting it!


@thisisbanerjee Manifestation… :crazy_face:

Benedict Cumberbatch Meditate GIF by Spider-Man

Can you send the gift to me too :grinning:

I am a user of Dhan for a long time.
Even I need this cool stuff.

I too received the gift today. Thanks dhan.

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They might be running a sophisticated algo to get the name of some people. Clearly I do not have any idea. Got this so shared here. :smiley:


Could you send the gift to me too :blush:

i think they are sending gifts only to people who are generating a significant brokerage for dhan from trading


Yes @FIRE you are right i think.

Does anyone figure out criteria for getting gift?

i want these gift too looking very useful for traders and the book is so cool for traders to note the trade i saw on you tube video i want these surprise