Discontinuation of 50% Off on Brokerage for Female Traders on Dhan

@PravinJ margin updation delay is >= 2s at Dhan. While order execution speed has increased the client level margin management system is slow relative to other top brokers. Yesterday I had relayed this to @Naman after sending DM to you with some specifics. This delay causes issues to active auto traders like

  1. API orders failing
  2. Basket orders triggered via TV webhooks failing

Even manual trading while switching positions in response to a fast moving market the delay is palpable.


Zero is not bad…The question is how deep the pockets are with Finvasia to fund and scale up their infra when they attract more traffic.

Paid also doesn’t mean great

In the end tech is not fail proof…I look for a broker who own up their issues, do course correction and stand with the customers when they are hit which is one of the reasons y am with Dhan :hugs:


My point exactly. In case of zero brokers in India, I don’t think anyone has attained that scale or trust yet. My personal opinion.

Zerodha is the poster child of glitch. :upside_down_face:

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Too frequent for comfort now


@t7support Solid timing that we were discussing about it. :laughing:


@t7support @PravinJ
T7 I joined Dhan (and under you) only because I wanted to give back something for your valuable guidance. Otherwise Dhan wasn’t really on my radar. But its costing me big bucks. Today too there was margin updation delay causing order failure and you know what happens then, catastrophic imbalance of positions.

I think I’ll give money to charity (which I do anyway btw) than continue trading with this broker.

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@Naman I have reported this issue to you. I have shared multiple instances where API orders are failing because of margin updation delay. Do we have a timeline from Dhan Engineering for a fix?

@VijayNair as a trader myself I can understand what u feel. Our money shouldn’t go down the drain for no fault of ours. I feel accountable for nudging you towards Dhan. I am doing all that is within my capacity to get the issue fixed. Dhan team has also informed me that they are working to fix this. Hopefully, soon this will happen. Can you please in your code do the following if you are not already doing these as a temp fix ?

  1. Check the trade status of the hedge leg to see whether it is traded. Note that there is also a postback feature when we generate an API token to get alerted on order status changes. It can be used if you don’t want to keep polling for the order status.

  2. Once a hedge leg has traded, give a delay of 3Sec before firing the short side trade for the time being until Dhan fixes the delay issue.


Hedge isnt touched.

I squared off short call , after that when another short call was placed, it failed. The call failed 4 sec after the initial call square-off. Yes I have set delays to give super-fast-lightning Dhan time to update margins. Margin shouldnt have been an issue at all.

I run similar stuff on

Absolutely no issues anywhere else.

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Oh K. Then before placing the next short call after a prior short call exit can a 3 Sec delay be added for the time being ?

Yes, Dhan has an extra delay issue that needs a fix. Not an edge case at all. This can be consistently reproduced and replicated as a behaviour of the underlying OMS.

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I’ll do that. Had placed a 1 sec delay. Will increase it.


@VijayNair any issues today after u increased the order placement delay ?

Does this mean that u fired each successive order 4 sec apart or just that the latter of the two orders you fired one after the other executed and failed 4 sec later relative to the first order ?

That’s the timestamp difference for those orders. Some code operations were run after square off and b4 reinstating.

@Naman called and assured me he will look into logs and figure out if something is amiss. Also told me this margin delay has only been reported by us and he hasn’t received any other such complaints.

I have set a 3 sec delay now. Coincidentally haven’t faced any failed order issue since.

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@Naman I had shared you delay issue reported by couple of other users also (comments only) in addition to @VijayNair and my failed orders. Similar issue has also been reported verbally to me by other fellow traders who did vertical spreads. The issue happens when available margin is not enough to open a new position (margin req more than available margin) and then

  1. If we have an open short option position, we exit that and place a new short option order, the latter fails even if the margin needed for latter is less than margin needed for former.

  2. If we have an open long option position, we exit that and place a long option order, the latter fails even if the margin needed for latter is less than margin needed for former.

  3. If we first place a hedge long option order (gets traded) and then a short option order, the latter fails even if the hedged margin required is within the available margin.

In all cases order goes through if done after 2 sec delay. There are other scenarios as well. I have listed just the ones I have experienced myself.

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Yes @t7support even on this forum I have read some users mention this.

This is an old one.

I get the feeling Dhan is proud of their system, and are in denial about shortcomings.


Dhan mey hey viswas, poora hey viswas, delay ho jaayega khalas :grin:

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I am cautiously optimistic :crossed_fingers:
But…the problem isnt new looks like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

sometimes it takes a chorus to move and shake us engineers :rofl:

Hi @VijayNair

Well no such thing, we continue to make our platform better everyday. Our team has reviewed logs for the orders mentioned by you and @t7support and are checking the same. My guess is this may take some, at it affects core trading system and we will have to get the solution tested once developed over couple of mock trading days. We will keep you posted.