Earnings Release Notification

Hi, Is it possible to include an reminder of upcoming earnings/events in the watchlist section or on charts for related stocks?

Will help traders take an informed decision during what is generally an volatile period for many stocks.

Hi @Bhasky.R

Yes, this is possible on Dhan. I’m guessing you missed the Corporate Actions trader by Dhan. More on this is here:

Thank you for your reply.

The section mentioned in the video does not contain earnings release or dates of upcoming earnings. however news section does have earnings release, yet that is news after the release has already occurred.

My suggestion was akin to the option available in Zerodha(Watchlist, Events) or Trading view(Chart,E D etc), these are present and available 1/2 days before the actual earnings release and serves as an warning to investor since earnings are usually volatile periods.

@PravinJ Upcoming earning date is much needed. I hope Dhan will bring it eventually.

Hi @nx.vijay and @Bhasky.R,

Please check this video to see how you can track earnings release of different companies. Hope this helps.

@Trisha Here we are talking about the upcoming quarterly announcement date of a company. Which is not there. With knowing that date in the watchlist low risk trader can avoid taking position during the earning day due to the voltatility. I hope you will bring that soon.

Noted Vijay. We will add this to our roadmap and let you know once it is live!

Thank you but the concerns with this recommendation has been replied to earlier in the same post.

This video does not inform the user of upcoming quarterly earnings release. During earnings season it helps, if the platform can provide an easier method to access just the dates of upcoming earnings release(the actual earnings is an bonus and your platform does an excellent job of integrating it along with fundamentals.technicals,margin etc in the index/company menu)

I find this feature important to avoid volatility leading to and after earnings release, if the user is aware of the earnings date just by scanning the watchlist or looking at chart, then it helps a lot.

Will provide the present options available in Zerodha and Trading view as an example.

Thanks for your feedback, we have noted this down.

Any update on this? Another earnings season coming up and stuck checking earnings date on other websites due to lack of this option.