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Virtual Portfolio, Strategy builder & IV Chart where we can check customised calendar dates

Instead of making new indicators, first you have to solve issues of indicators which already available on dhan.

Today I checked old post regarding pivot point indicator issues.
Since Aug-23 same issue posted by other members also, but issue yet not solved by Dhan experts.
I already posted this issue on 23-April.

Kindly check Pivot points indicator not working on commodity option charts.
Check Crude oil or Natural gas option charts. If we applied pivot points on commodity future charts, then it’s working. But when we applied pivot point on commodity option charts, it’s not showing any lines.
Eventhough we select 15 minutes timeframe. error showing as “Study error - Resolution 1D is not supported for this symbol”

Same checked in my Fyers trading view charts. It’s working fine on fyers trading view charts.
Kindly check why pivot points not working in dhan trading view commodity option charts. Resolve this issue on priority.

If Fyers can provide pivot points on commodity option charts, then why Dhan can’t provide it.

I hope Dhan Team will take this issue seriously and will solve soon.

Let’s make Dhan better and bugs free, so that we can share and refer with our friends.

Crude oil Dhan & Fyers same charts given below for your reference

  1. While going into strategy builder, it is showing some random strikes to start with as shown in SS1. Please give us a blank template just as shown in SS2, so we can create a fresh strategy without wasting time deleting pre-selected strikes by software. For prebuilt template, we already have separate feature thanks to Dhan.
  2. While we select the strike and move the cursor, it doesn’t show which strike we have selected until we accidentally move the cursor again on that strike. This is really irritating and it is a basic feature which is needed. I think it is available in Mobile app but not in website. So better view and judgement, we should quickly know which leg or strike has been selected so we immediately take decisions to select the next leg based on the previous selected leg.
  3. While executing the order, we need something which Fyres has implemented. The Button to press to get hedging benefit and it will automatically execute the Buy leg first and once it’s successfully executed, it will automatically execute the sell leg.
  4. Please add POP in the strategy builder so we can analyse it properly.
  5. We must have the option to choose multiple lot in the option chain itself, instead of just closing the option chain and doing such adjustments in the builder screen.
  6. In strategy builder, we must have the option to select the strike price from the drop-down list or write it manually, instead of pressing the plus and minus button. Kindly add this feature so we dont have to worry about buying-selling adjustments to get hedging benefits.

Such things are already in Sensibull, and Instaoption, the Dhan option is just a little away from being the perfect option software. Please see the competition like Sensibull and give us the same features.

We can have blank templet like this always in the starting.

Here we strike price is selected, because cursor is on it.

Here we see nothing because cursor is somewhere else, so i have to search by rolling the cursor on various strikes and find it by accident. LOL.

2 features:
1: Price alerts directly on charts and we are able to see those alerts on charts as are present on tradingview.com. This is the most needed feature as it enhances the trading exponentially.
2: GTT orders directly from charts with an option of showing trigger and limit price line.

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We want an alert feature directly on the Dhan chart just like Tradingview. We can add an alert on Tradingview just by clicking right and we can a beep sound when the alert price is hit. It would be very helpful for everyone. @PravinJ

I would like to suggest to Dhan please make an indicator like UT Bot alert or Buy Sell logo on Super Trend or other indicators so we can apply with also.

Hello Dhan
Request you to add this feature for noise less charting Renko,pnf, line break… as Tradingview has started using Box size assignment method in it. Hoping to get this option also at the earliest . On dhan.Tv …I request to make it available :pray:

Scalper mode me quality manually type karni padti hai… Quantity add karne ke liye plus minus (±) ka option add kijiye.