How to identify trade date for transferred stocks

Hi Team,

I have transferred stocks from Zerodha to Dhan and entered its trade date and average price however in Dhan it only shows up average price and not trade date.
Could you please help me find out this information in order to decide if the gains are short term or long term in order to book profits.

Attached is example for the same

Hi @Bhavesh83thakkar Yes, you will be able to only see a single date for stocks added and the average price.

You will have to refer to the original trading dates for this purpose. I suggest transferring shares only that are done with 1 year, its simpler even for taxation purpose.

Hi @PravinJ
Yes I did transfer stock older than 1 year and added average price of it however how do I see in that what is the date I entered

HI @PravinJ @Poornima
Could you please help me here?

Hi @Bhavesh83thakkar not sure, how we missed this !

As of now you shall be unable to view the date entered for the transferred stocks, we have your feedback with us.

Hi @Poornima
Then how it will be taxed?
As In holding report I am seeing buy price as transferred date price and not the one I entered.
Also, if we are not able to see transferred stocks in trade section can we check it in any report?