How to see each order separately on chart instead seeing average positions price line?

How to see each order separately on chart. while trading options? If i take 3 trades a day at different times then also it shows average price of all 3 trades on chart price line which is confusing. I just want to see current live trade price line and if it is in profit or loss.

Hi @Thedeep Deepak, Welcome to Dhan community.

Charting systems show data that is available with them in the trading systems, charts just represent data as it is made available for them. Trading systems, as long as you are taking multiple trades in a single trading session in a scrip, they will always average your prices - either buy or sell side depending on the trade. So the charts will continue to have them - and LTP or Current Live Trade price is always displayed on the charts.

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Thanks for reply.
It displays positions average price instead current live price line. That confuses me as the price line tag is shown up away from current trade entry and in loss even if current trade is in profit if i had entered and closed previous trade in higher price.
So there is no way to hide positions averaging on chart and just show current trade?