(Implemented) Need second timeframe charts

Please add second timeframe charts for NIFTY (and other traded indexes).
10 second to 30 second will work too.

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Hi @Ragnar welcome to Dhan community!

Second time frame is a TradingView exclusive feature. TradingView keeps few of its features exclusive only for its product and does not extend it to its partners.

Read more here :- Dhan TradingView Console (tv.dhan.co) - Explore Trading from Charts, brought to you by TradingView

Hi @Ragnar, seconds Timeframe on Charts are now availableūüĒ•

These new timeframes will empower you to make quicker, more informed decisions and take advantage of even the smallest of trading opportunities.

Read more on this and share your feedback - Introducing: Seconds Timeframe on Charts by Dhan