Move shares to Dhan: Upgrade your Investing Experience

No. You need to call up Zerodha and ask them to approve your upgrade. You will be able to see โ€œsetupโ€ after that

hi @Anirudha

  1. Once the transfer is complete, the cost price of your holdings will not get updated. On a separate post next week, we will update the procedure for the same.

I canโ€™t find this post. Can you please link it here? Thanks!

Hi @aamnakhan, we do not have a post for this yet. Let me reach out to you directly for this.

Once the transfer is done and shares are reflected in dhan after the transfer then can price be updated same day or do v need to wait?

And what if by mistake wrong price is updated, can it be edited

Also want to ask for nominee addition

If rite now i want to add my spouse as nominee and in future i want to add my children, can i add more nominees online? Is there edit option?

Pls update @Anirudha