Mutual Fund Pledging In Dhan

Nope, nothing in hurry. We have built MF product over the past 12+ months.

@PravinJ Sir, we have no doubt that you are not working on Product Development. but things is that you were aware that Why many traders are investing in MF. and its futuristic that all Investment in Demat only. my view point is that its could have been ok if you launch 1-2 months late but with all basic features specially MF Pledge implemented instead of launching with SOA. its seems that I have MF feature on Dhan but useless.

BTW… hope you are planing to launching as earliest possible.

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Exactly. Instead of 12+ months, if it would have taken 15+ months but with the full product suite on offer, then that would have been a marvel.

Hi @PravinJ ,How to Pledge nippon india nifty 50 index fund.
I bought 2 days back. It still shows. Not eligible to pledge.

Hi @Puran_Singh

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We see that you purchased Nippon India Nifty 50 ETF on July 8th, 2024. Hence you can pledge it tomorrow, as per the settlement timeline of T+1 working day.

Hope this clarifies.

Hi @Divyesh How can I pledge Nippon India Growth Fund? Some help would be appreciated