Need Buy/Sell Dates in P&L downloaded report

Hi, when i try to check my P & L on website, it shows Buy/Sell Dates. but when i download it for tax purpose, no dates is shown. please add Buy/Sell dates in downloaded P & L.

Hi @RishadEncykh, we have your feedback with us to display buy/sell dates in P&L report, we will surely explore the possibility to implement this.

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I use to buy shares of same company multiple times. when i checked your “Tax Report - Equity” in “Tax report” i downloaded from your website, i get all transactions of a company combined. also it doesn’t have buy date / sell date.

i used to trade in Zerodha, Upstox and Groww also. They all have different report with following details

  1. Serial Number
  2. Security Name
  3. ISIN
  4. Buy Date
  5. Buy Qty
  6. Buy Rate
  7. Buy Value
  8. Sell Date
  9. Sell Qty
  10. Sell Rate
  11. Sell Value
  12. Gross P&L
  13. Cons. Charges & Taxes
  14. Net P&L


lets assume i buy 10 shares of tata motors on January 01 2024.

Then i buy 20 shares of tata motors on January 10 2024.

and i sell all 30 shares of tata motors on January 20 2024.

in DHAN reports, i get combined report as if i bought all 30 shares together. but in case of other apps there will be 2 entries. one for 10 shares i bought and one for the 20 shares i bought with all above 14 details.

is there any way to get such a detailed report in Dhan? that’s what i want

Hi @RishadEncykh

We have your feedback to have the tax P&L statement date-wise. However, at the moment, you can only view the overall summary.

just asking out of curiosity, being a financial app, isnt it a necessary feature atleast in 2024!!???