Need help in share transfer from zerodha to dhan

Hello, can anyone from Dhan customer care help me regarding the transfer of shares from my existing broker, Zerodha, to my Dhan account?

I have a query:
Is there an option to enter multiple dates for a particular share, along with the quantity and price?
As if there is only an option to enter one date. In such a case, which date should I select if I have purchased shares on three different dates in Zerodha for the same stock?

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Hi @Sahil_Jain15

At this moment, when shares are transferred, there is a single value of average price & trade date to be entered. We will surely evaluate if we can add multiple dates.

Just to add: You can either enter the first or last date but it will depend on your decision.

But it will affect the taxation. If I enter last date then short term consider and if first date then long tern in some shares. How I can evaluate this, can you please help in this regard.

Plz reply