Query on order types for CNC holdings

  1. Is it possible to place forever orders using python API to exit holdings
  2. Is it possible to have OCO orders using python API to exit holdings
  3. Can cover orders be placed for CNC types
  4. What happens when a SL is placed with trigger price, what’s the difference between a CO and SL order in this case.

Hello @supertrader

Answering your queries here:

  1. No, Forever Orders are not available on APIs yet
  2. You can place OCO orders, but only on Intraday, with Bracket Orders on Dhan
  3. Cover Order is only available for Intraday
  4. SL is a trigger order itself. Cover Order is a main order combined with trigger order, which allows users to place a single order and manage risk along with it.

Thanks, how do i get the other order number when placed SL order is TRADED?


As soon as your main order is executed, your SL order is placed instantaneously. You can fetch your daily order book and find the same there.