Questions on forever sell orders

I have a few questions on forever sell orders
Lets assume I have stock A in my portfolio
Basically I want a forever stoploss kind of order whenin if the price of the stock A becomes less than a particular price, I want to sell that stock at market price.
Here lets say A’s LTP is 1000. I want to sell it a market price if the stock comes below 950.

For this I use a forever sell order with a trigger price of 950 and limit price as market.

  1. Is my understanding correct? Is this what I need to do?

I am asking this because if I wanted to place a forever sell single order in Dhan. I see the trigger price can anything. By anything I mean can be above LTP or below LTP.

  1. I assume if the trigger price is less than the LTP, the order is sent to exchange only if the LTP of the stock comes below the trigger price?
  2. And if the trigger price is more than the LTP, the order is sent to exchange only when the stock’s price goes above the trigger price?
    Is this how the forever sell order works. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. I see OCO forever sell order and OCO forever buy order. I want to know what is the difference between both of them?

I am only asking this because I don’t see any proper documentation of forever sell order. It could be common knowledge to trading community. But it would be better if there is any reliable documentation that I can refer such info for noobies like me :smile: