Required ipad app

Dhan has no ipad app. IOS app can work on ipad but not utilize full width and height. It should be dedicated ipad app

Yes, I am also waiting for same🌝

We have been receiving a lot of requests to create a native Ipad app, we are evaluating it seriously but the no of immediate important deliveries is a priority.

Nevertheless, if we start building it we will mention it here first.

Amongst them the most important is MUTUAL FUND PLEDGING. Hope that gets implemented before others. Need to have features are more important than good to have features. @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Hi @thisisbanerjee

Currently, mutual funds are held in SOA format on Dhan which cannot be pledged. We have your feedback, if there are any changes we will notify you.


I’m also waiting for the iPad app.