(Resolved) Diff between two option chains

can someone please explain why the values for Oi and volumes are different on Dhan option chain compared to the chain on Nse, which is accurate please help as I am new.

thank you

Hi @Archgecko

Yes, it may appear that there are few differences in Dhan Options. Chain & NSE Options Chain. Before that, I suggest you to go through this post :point_down:

  • NSE shows volume & OI in terms of contracts i.e. Lots. Dhan shows volume & OI in terms of Quantity (= Lot x 50). You can multiply NSE OC volume or OI with 50 (for Nifty) and it will be equal to volume & Oi at Dhan Options Chain.
  • Dhan Options Chain is real-time. The Price, Volume & Open Interest changes as we get update from the exchange. NSE Options Chain updates only every 15-minutes.

Hope this helps!

thank you so much.for the help