(Resolved) Modify Limit Order

When trying to modify the stop limit order to trail the trigger price getting error “Limit price out of range, to learn more contact your brocker”.

So this means we wont be able to change the trigger price using drag and drop feature from the instant order, because we can change either trigger price or limit price at once using the drag feature. Now since LLP has been implemented , if we are updating the trigger price , we get error of limit out of range. Pathetic.

Hi @7760847973

You will be able to modify your stoploss range by ensuring to first modify your trigger price and then the limit price. In case of any difficulty for such scenario, do connect us on a real-time basis at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website.

Hi @7760847973 @t7support We have updated the limits from 10% to 20% today.

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