(Responded) Charges showing more than Brokerage

Above picture is for may month option trades

But Charges showing more than Brokerage.

Anyone please clarify.

Hi @Danish_Blr

You can tap on the respective days or month and see the same for you. This is very much possible, and depends on the trades you take.

Charges typically include - Exchange Transaction Fees, Securities Transaction Tax, SEBI Fees, GST, IPFT, Clearing Charges, and more. You can see full breakup on this on Transaction Estimator or in Trader’s Diary or simulate same in Brokerage Calculator here: Brokerage Calculator - Calculate Delivery / Intraday Brokerage Charges | Dhan

Thanks for assistance, I will check the details as advised.

My brokerage across brokers is also much less than charges. And it’s all in order.

Apart from brokerage most other charges are % of u r order value. As u r order size grows brokerage remains flat per order, but % charges scale up in absolute terms.