Stock Price Alerts

The Stock Price Alert should have different options.

  1. Say I want to enter a trade only if Price closes above a limit price. Can’t set such alert as of Now.
    I hope you won’t Recommend to set GTT / forever buy order, since I don’t want to enter when it hits the limit price, Rather I want to enter if it CLOSES above the limit price.

  2. The Price change alert should also have an option for Day change. (Price change within a day)

I understand what you are asking but there is a problem, the price will be CLOSED only after market hours so how the trade will happen?
Now if you tell that enter the next day, but then next day will bring another set of complications, the price may go down or go up!

In all the cases, what you are actually asking is not logically not possible and hence none of the brokers (Domestic or Overseas) are providing it.

Although you can create some custom algo to do this.

Dear Sir, Please correct your facts.

Every brokers provide suct options.

For Example I’ll list the Alert Options in Zerodha

  1. LTP
  2. High Price
  3. Low Price
  4. Open Price
  5. Close Price
  6. Day Change
  7. Day Change Percent
  8. Intraday Change Person
  9. Day Trade Quantity
  10. Total Buy Quantity
  11. Total Sell Quantity
  12. Open Interest

Just because any feature isn’t available on Dhan doesn’t mean no brokers provide the same.
Hope you’ll take it positively and try to implement the same

I am not from Dhan :slight_smile:
I just asked how logical your question is!