Stop Loss - Market Order for Options

Why there is no option available to put SL-M orders for options ?
This option is available on other popular brokers and I am just wondering why it is not available on Dhan!

As a option seller, this is very important for me since there could be chances that despite hitting the trigger, the order dont get executed and my sell position draw my whole capital.

Please let me know .

Hi @Saurabh

Good to see you after a while,

The stop loss order is a market order (SLM) with only a Trigger price. As per SEBI regulations, SLM is not allowed in options.

You can use a stop loss limit order to place a Limit and trigger price in options.

Got it.
Now tell me, if I am putting trigger price at say 50 Rs and put the price at 60 Rs. Will it get triggered at 60 Rs or at market price (between 50 and but less than 60) , when the SL is triggered ?
(I am talking about squaring off my sell side)


It will execute at the best price within the given stop-loss range

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Also, what will happen in case of sharp movements of option premium?
For example, it triggers at 50 but then premium increased to 62, more than my SL ?


As you talking about a BUY limit order, then yes, if the premium spikes to a price (62) higher than your limit (60), your stop loss converts into a limit order. This may happen in a rare scenario wherein the premium changes very fast.