Swipe to punch orders

Hi Dhan team
Could you please consider adding swipe to punch orders just like zerodha across both the apps.
Currently I see that it is only available for per-built strategies in options trader app.

Hi @pradhuman_agarwal

Based on user feedback, we have optimised order placements for faster execution through our Instant Buy/Sell feature on the order panel. A click action is quicker than a swipe action, enhancing overall efficiency.

Just to understand your point better, are there any other purposes for which you find the swipe action more suitable?

Hi Mr Sanjeev
There are 2 main challenges which the swipe action solves
1 - It helps prevent accidental punching of orders when using the instant order button
2 The other option currently available on Dhan for submitting order waits for 5 secs before relying the order to exchange.

People usually prefer to hold onto the swipe button and then execute when the price is favourable.

Since this feature is already developed for executing strategies on options trader app could you also make this global.

Hi @Sanjeev_Bawaskar any updates on this?

Hi @pradhuman_agarwal

Thanks for your valuable feedback. We will surely evaluate this.