11 pro hacks and hidden features of TradingView (tv.dhan.co) console that are #MadeForTrade

Traders love charts, TradingView in particular. They spend hours on charts, finding & learning patterns, discovering insights for the next trade. Guess what?

At Dhan we build for traders and design features that help them unlock and utilise the true potential of charts.

Here are 11 pro hacks and hidden features of http://tv.dhan.co that are #MadeForTrade

1. Trade Directly on Charts

Place, execute, track & manage orders from charts directly with native tradingview order placement window. This includes all order types - Limit, Market, Cover & Bracket.

2. ‘Instant’ Order Placement

Enable instant order placement from settings and execute orders in click. This is very helpful for scalpers and HFTs traders.

3. Orders & Positions marked on Charts, in realtime

View pending orders and open positions on charts and manage them in real time with simple drag & drop.

4. Reverse Position, Instantly

It may happen that the markets suddenly change and you want to exit your long position and create a short. Convert long position to short and vice versa in a single click with Reverse Position.

This will help you save time AND brokerage.

5. Timeframes built for Indian Markets

Dhan provides 25 Min, 75 Min & 125 Min timeframes.

Having these timeframe one can visualise the day in:

  • 3 Candles (125 Min)
  • 5 Candles (75 Min)
  • 15 Candles (125 Min)

Plus, higher timeframes like 3month, 6month & Yearly.

6. Trade NIFTY / BANK NIFTY Options on Charts

Options are the most traded instrument in Indian capital market. The unique value http://tradingview.dhan.co has for the Indian traders is Options charts & ability to trade Indices, Stocks Currency & Commodities on tradingview!

7. Basket Orders

Execute multiple order together in one click. Get margin benefits on multi-legged options strategies. These baskets are synchronised with all the dhan platforms.

Bonus: Dhan allows you to use pledge margin benefit for Options Buying!

8. Open Interest as Indicator on Charts

Apply Open Interest as technical indicator & find historical trail of OI for all futures & options instruments.

Dhan+TradingView also has more in-house indicators useful for options trading like Central Pivot Range and Anchored VWAP!

9. Save Unlimited Indicators, Templates & Layouts

No limitation on number of indicators you apply on a chart. Use as much indicators as you want!

10. Multi Screen

Use upto 8 screens in a single view with different charts or different timeframe absolutely free of cost!

Options Trader can open charts of underlying instrument and charts of strategy legs together and view in single screen.

11. Free Webhooks to trade directly on TradingView

Create alert or generate Pine Script signals on tradingview.com & execute orders on Dhan.

Here is How to Use and Setup Webhook Alerts - How to Use and Setup Webhook Alerts? - TradingView Webhook Alerts | Dhan - YouTube

Start trading options on TradingView charts - tv.dhan.co



All are fine but still app lags in displaying prices…

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when we right click & open view margin option, it is showing Margin requirement, thanks for adding that(though we prefer Margin Calculations right in the order window coz abhi k hisab se to qty and Position sizing decide karne me bar bar separately view margin karke dekhna padta hai aur to aur Margin available vaha pe show bhi nhi karta , atleast plz show our available Margin in the view Margin option (tv.dhan - chart - Right click - view margin ) (Show us our Live updated available Margin over there)

stock options ki prices update hone me bahot problem aata hai… Bid ask me alag & price ladder me alag ,

1 min k baad bhi alag hi…

observed such things in the first 15 min of market opening Manytimes (this must be fixed) this time it happened in the afternoon. internet was totally fine!

then after some time it went to normal but when volatility is there it creates lot of problem for we traders who do trade in the stock options, i also observed sometimes (not everytime) price reflection of the last trade is also bit laggy in updating the bid ask or last traded price in the stock options in the tv.dhan (observed sometimes)

Hi @Varsha777,

Thanks for your feedback. We will surely consider your suggestions to enhance this feature. Further, we are checking on your price fluctuation related concern and will update you soon.