2 split screen in trading view keeps showing only 1 symbol in both screens

i am using dhan app on my phone.
if i open any chart using trading view then it is opening fine.
but once i use split screen it starts to show same symbol on both screens.
i am unable to find a way to change or edit symbol.
i want nifty and bank nifty on trading view in split screen format on my phone.

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@PravinJ @Naman sir i am waiting for your valuable reply.

True, it’s also showing only one timeframe on mobile app. Whereas on web, it’s correct.

Check red colour marked area.
Select - deselect accordingly.

Hi @sonu.delhi Welcome to the community.

On tv.dhan.co the multi-screen setting has option to sync or async symbols, timeframe, indicators etc…as shown in screenshot shared by @nnJhavarePatil.

But on web.dhan.co & Mobile App we could not give this option because there is a feature to Buy-Sell on same screen. It will create confusion that which scrip to trade when there are different symbols in multi-screen. We continued to keep this feature for the use case of tracking multiple timeframe of same scrips.

Nonetheless, all your points are noted and they are valid feedback. We will work and figure out something better.

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