2023: Upcoming Dhan UI / UX update for Mobile App

Trading & Investing apps in India usually don’t change for years.

All of us at Dhan think that traders & investors get smarter with time, so should their trading apps & platforms. I personally don’t think many in stock broking industry would agree to that - but all of us at Dhan do. At Dhan, the only thing constant is - our journey to improve your trading & investing experience.

While we have, over a period of last 12 months (in-fact past 6 months to be precise) have improved user experience a lot with introducing newer features, offerings & capabilities - somewhere in our minds, we continue to feel that there is so much more to be done.

Yes, so we are starting to work on this - a simpler, lighter and more faster version of Dhan app, and with an improved user interface and experience.

As usual, we seek your feedback - what would you like to see on this? Do let us know.

ps: In case you don’t know - we build the manage positions experience from scratch, completely based on feedback we received from traders.

Thank you


Switching from Zerodha Kite to Dhan was really good Option and Liking the User Experience so far Charts displayed are really good as on TV. Few days back i downloaded Dhan App on Ipad and what i faced is that it’s UX is not same as on mobile… Kindly update UX for Ipad too so that we can trade seamlessly on tablets too. I don’t know about Android Tablets but Ipad had this issue app was unable to launch in full screen Mode. And when i used full screen mode it was blurry and laggy. Hope this will be sorted out.

Also if for Investors features like investing in Mutual Funds and which mutual funds are good to have Using Benchmarks or Mini Save features as on INDMoney app is good. It’s really good Dhan Team is providing so many good features for Investors and Traders who are new to Markets.

Thanks & Regards


Welcome to Dhan community @deep90s. Yes, we have not optimised or built for the iPad experience yet. We will do this, hopefully sooner. Mutual Fund investments will come on Dhan soon, we have initiated things on this.


Dhan app gets slowed down or hangs when taking multiple trades on options using android mobile app. Candle chart loading is also slow. Please fix this.
Traders control: Please allow user to define minimum trades, by default its 15, I want to keep 3 only.


I really appreciate the efforts in listening and applying the features that are helping alot.

First thing first: Love to have alert feature of Live market as per needs. Currently your twitter handle is doing all what we need but we want to customise based on Nifty 50 or Custom list. This will help us in focus on particular scripts.

2nd: Just want app as light as possible on Dashboard. Sometimes there are lot of information and couldn’t focus on particular thing instantly. We need to take some time to figure it out.

Thank you for providing such an awesome platform


I would like one feature in Dhan App- the ability to see ledger statement, as is available in Dhan Web.
With this i can see the net daily credit and debit to the account, after full day of trading.
Please add it in the App also.

Hello! it been amazing journey. its now a step up with MTF !
regarding the app - need app for iPad desperately , not the easiest to manage through browser on iPad unlike on the laptop/computer.

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We have to open charts in full screen to see candle bar.
Please make it accessible (without opening charts in full screen) just like Groww.

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We keep features that get used, and remove ones that are not frequently used. You might have not noticed that :slight_smile:

I guess couple of requests for iPad app these days. Will check our traffic logs :slight_smile:


Happy Diwali to Dhan team
Please use a different shade of black for dark mode… the current one is awful… just check this community website’s dark mode its perfect use this shade not the one that you have currently used for dark mode.


You just can’t compare UI of Groww with anyone. This is one of the main reason why Groww is fastest growing broker.

Since beginning, I along with many others have kept on asking to change the Font used in Dhan atleast which gives more emphasis on Numbers than letters. But as usual, Dhan management loves their childish UI.

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Dhan app is good but by looking at the app it looks Messy. So many information is loaded so we can’t focus on things which is needed. If you want to keep it then make it separate section. Atleast clean the dashboard. And make a more sleek UI. And make it fast. Changing Font size and design should be considered. Any extra information should be removed and make it a light application.

And if possible merge both dhan and option trader app and build one app which suits both. You can make separate section fir option trader in one app. Making two app is not a good idea in my opinion. Because if someone doing both option trading and cash futures he will think of download both application but can’t trade in both application ultimately he has to choose any one and he always have a feeling of left out of features of other applicable. So make a single app with necessary features.


100% agree with you bro… kite is just 40mb and work best for everyone and dhan’s 2 app combined is over 150mb and is no messed up that doesn’t serve right to all… app should be lightweight to keep the “lightning fast experience” tag line relevant…

The notion that the packet size being smaller means faster app isn’t true btw. One of the first app product I built was Freecharge, and it was < 4.5 MB… internet speeds have drastically improved since then. Having said that, do note that Dhan gives full app experience - while some light app size in the industry simply call tons of web pages through the app in many instances - it keeps the app size small. That aside, feedback noted and taken positively. We build Dhan based on the feedback, suggestions we get from our interactions with users, we very rarely look at anyone in competition for any product, design or user experience.


How much time it will take to fix this slowness


Noted, yes this is a component of TradingView charting library that is loading slow, we are working with TV team on this.


I am not taking about MB and size of the application light in the sense it should be more clear and fast. Sorry for misinterpretation. Its not that size of application.