2023: Upcoming Dhan UI / UX update for Mobile App

1.Auto release and freeze of 20%hold fund immideate as per praposnate of trade.

pravin bhai please check my request in above comments i made 6 days ago. Please do these things as it is very important.

Hi @Pramod Funds & margins are blocked as per regulations. This is standard across the industry and we do not have authority to adopt our own rules here.

Noted. We are making changes on this for #2 and #3, trying to make things simpler.

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thanks it is good that brokers like dhan are now thinking for our view too. I don’t know why other full time brokers never did all this. They applied heavy charges but never thought about traders interest. If customers survives and flourishes then automatically trading volume and value will increase i don’t know why they never thought of it.

धनच्या mobile app वर crude oil inventory result हा investing.com वर जसा
Forcast पेक्षा जर कमी असेल तर हिरव्या रंगात आणि Forcast पेक्षा जर जास्त असेल तर लाल रंगात दाखवतात त्याप्रमाणे दाखवता येईल का?

Crude oil inventory historical data.

Crude oil inventory च्या 10-15 मिनिट आधी alert / notification किंवा चार्टवर inventory च्या वेळेवर एखादा symbol / mark काहीतरी.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Dhan

same thing i told regarding font size.But Dhan is not taking seriously

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Tradingview मध्ये Keep Screen On हे option आहे, त्यात mobile application सुरू केल्यावर screen lock आणि बंदही होत नाही.

Mobile application साठी Open position, Holdings आणि Tradingview सारखं सगळ्या watchlist साठी widget दिलं तर बरं होईल.

Charts are much faster than earlier and we are working to make these even faster from now. Another quick hack is to have older versions of TV which load faster, but then - that’s not the point. Our TradingView implementations are in latest libraries and we have written many customisations on top of it.

Welcome to Dhan community. We are improving a lot based on the feedback we get.

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We will look at some of these implementations, but at a later stage. For now focus is to improve core trading and investing features and experience. Yes, Trader’s Diary also will improve from here, we don’t launch features and are done with it, most of our features evolve with time and usage.

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Hi Team,
I have some suggestion for Dhan App.
You may compare Dhan App with Zerodha Kite app. If we want to study charts and other market related things, we can obviously use Website. So, I would suggest you, to keep very minimum things in Dhan App so that trading from Mobile can be simple, easy and fast. There are lots of options which may confuse user and we need to go through many options to place an order, to view P&L and to exit (compared to Zerodha-Kite).
Dhan team is doing very well. I have tried different trading platform and I can say, Dhan is one of best platform ever.
Thank You.

Dhan is a great app but I have few suggestions.

  1. I use price alerts a lot it would be great if the app lands on order page once we click on the price alert notification.
  2. Please add Candle chart in the mini chart window on order page. Now we have to open chart in full screen to see the candles. The line chart in mini chart window is not very usefull.
  3. Please optimize the app for iPAD.
    4.Traders diary - Option to add screen shot of chart of the particular trades.
  4. Option to see equity curve to analyze our portfolio performance. This can be made a part of traders diary.
  5. Option to choose default landing screen on opening the app.
  6. Please improve tradingview chart loading speed.
  7. Option to choose default chart orientation Landscape/Portrait.


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First improve your charts and data feed. Many stock charts are incorrect and they are not adjusted to corporate actions which leads to wrong chart.
If charts are correct then only we can do trading and then use features.
Even there is no continuous chart for Index Futures. Seriously.
What will we do with your other glossy features?
First improve and give correct charts.


Thanks @PravinJ Chart Speed is even better, Appreciated that you and your team fixed in short span of time :+1:

Recently faced it so there is 1 usecase:
As market is volatile, while adjusting 1 leg in Iron fly, it took some time to enter with new trade.
Like as soon as I remove 1 leg with hedge, I need to add another call with its hedge in Basket and then trade.
This lag sometimes cause trouble.
Can it be there any basket which exit 1 trade and add another 1 instantly?
Providing this on Option table with remove facility will be great.
This is really best feature to adjust the position with another instantly specially like Iron Fly/Condor

what is the purpose of these tabs when you can’t select it. Please work on your UI/UX. Spend time on other platform like Groww or Zerodah and take a clue from them about UI/UX

Hi Roshan,

We take all feedback positively, and also make note of that. In this particular scenario - even one of the platforms you mentioned above and a very large broker, they disable features that are not applicable on an order type on their order screen. These controls are based on underlying Order Management and Risk Management systems and they change multiple times in a day.

My kind request to you sir and respectively is to share feedback with a positive mindset. If you come with preconceived notion that Dhan is useless, no amount of effort from our end will make you happy or satisfied. We are building Dhan to ensure we bring an awesome experience for traders & investors. We also have built in last 1 year what many of the large brokers have only promised for years.

As far as competition goes - we track everyone but we follow no one. Some of the products in the industry we may know much better than their own teams. We build for our users based on our insights.

Hope you understand our view. We are here for long-term, and if its better for our users - we will build it. Also respectfully, just sharing our view.

Thank you


It is ui/ux that needs massive update for Dhan.

Full Google login/auth support, my phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor so I have to login again and again using OTP (sometimes after switching apps). It’s really annoying.

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My request is much similar to this. Having no fingerprint sensor is really annoying.