2023: What next to expect from Dhan

Thank You @Dhan for constantly taking user’s feedback and improving it.

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@PravinJ - i love dhan - really super broker in india - i transfere some stocks in dhan , but GSEC are not currently pledgable in dhan - thats really feeling bad for me - because 50:50 cash component requirment by sebi - in zerodha for cash component i invested in GSEC 50% , so if you allow pledgable and treat a cash component i will fully be in dhan , please consider GSEC , and direct mutual fund should be pledgable in dhan


@PravinJ please update UI in web also like moble app

Let us know what updates you would like to see, we are on feedback@dhan.co.

@PravinJ - great list!! which ones of these can be expected before start of next financial year?

Also, any plans for Bengaluru meet?

Please Provide direct option to add ce and pe to basket like sensibull option chain ,and second one increse font size of text

Since this one didn’t made it to the 2023 list, seems like it could be low priority or a difficult feature to be delivered in 2023 in comparison with other features.

Any ETA we can expect on this ?

We announced only large features and products that we are working on, there will be many outside of this. For Quicko, our team is integrating with them - its done at our end. Once its all ok from their end, we will go live.


What kind of trading challenge you are talking about can you briefly explain about it , like zerodha provide 60 day challenge where they return all the brokerage if you won the challenge similar kind of? pr something else

Hey rohith, zerodha doesn’t refund, they only issue certificate. FYERS does it ( cap of 5k per month refund )

Why built seperate seperate app it’s difficulty to manage ,integrated all in one app and work segregate individual based on the product resolve the problem and fix the errors and debugs ,it’s very happy to here new ui to see ,but one could disappointed is order executed flow ,in equity and other like after placing order we are not in position order condition and profit and loss , try to give floating view order placed profit and loss and direct view of chart

Hi @riyas2831,

This is now available - Live: Now you can Pledge Government Securities on Dhan

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Web we continue to update the experience every week.


Thanks for clarifying bro previous they refund i thought now they stop doing this

@PravinJ previously your timeline to launch mutual funds in your platform was by end of December. Not getting any clarity on it now. Do u have an exact timeline? coz direct mutual funds is one of the most requested product when it comes to core investing.

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Hi @doctorvettri - Yes, we are behind schedule on this. I recollect I had mentioned in Sept end that we will bring Mutual Funds by end of this year, this is a massive release and we have taken a conscious decision to build and improve our core products that are live and work on the feedback we getting continuously. It was also important for us to ship the 2023 Glass edition, which is now available for > 50% users, just to ensure that Mutual Funds come with a newer experience.

What we ship, should work seamlessly and our users should like it. Same applies for Mutual Funds also, I agree with you it is one of most requested products and we want to do this right.

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How to buy stocks and options with trailing Stop lose and bracket order in new dhan mobile app, please publish detailed video in our dhan YouTube channel

Execute a basket order based on a Price alert.

For eg . On reaching a particular level ,execute all the orders placed in a basket.

Just like webhook alerts from TV.

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Hi @Shivasekaran, here is detailed video on Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan : What is Trailing Stop Loss🚫 | How to use Trailing Stop Loss - Trailing Stop Loss Explained | Dhan - YouTube

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