Able to modify Stop Loss limit order to selling at market price

in Options trading when we buy then set stop Loss.
we are nit be able to modify the Stoploss limit order to market price selling to exit immediately like we can do in Dhan app & dhan web but not in TradingView (
I request you as a option Trader to add this Feature to be able to modify the Stoploss orders to sell market order.

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Hi @MrHarsh,

Not sure, if you want to modify your stop loss limit order to exit the trade by placing it above the market. Can you please help us with more details about the use case of your requirement.

Additionally, if you want to exit at the market price, all you have to do is cancel your stop loss order by selecting cross icon and then on the position line.

Exit Cross

I we place a stoploss order after that If I modify and try to execute at market in any sudden situation then it doesn’t allow us to do so, we have to first cancel that order then again need to go to position then we have to exit the position, this process is not user friendly in case of sudden situation,

There should be option to close position from SL modified order window itself.

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NO market suddenly down limit order is down and modify to market to sell is good cancel first limit order again place market order to exit price is fall fast moment and getting big loss for scalpers fyers is option work limit to modify market order

Hi @yogesh86k & @vels4693,

We have noted your suggestion to provide facility to directly exit position in such situation. Thank you.

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