Accleya solutions record-date check

recently, accleya solutions have announced dividend of Rs.45 for each share for which record date had not been mentioned. But ex-date is 6th of the next month. Can anyone shed light on the same?

BSE Link for dividend announcement: Corporate Actions

Hi @aritra

In the above link shared, you can view the record date by selecting on a specific security code.

Alternatively, you can refer to the below path & screenshot for your reference
Visit on > Search for scrip > Scroll down and select Corp Action.

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Got it. If you could please add a section on the platform for upcoming results, holidays, dividend announcement etc. It would be a real time saver. Thanks.

Hi @aritra,

Thanks for your feedback, we have noted this.

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Hi @aritra

Just to add-on we have the corporate actions tab in our app & web both.

You may refer the below path & attached screenshot for your reference.

For web : Markets > CA tab
For app : Watchlist > CA tab

For holidays, you may refer the below link for your reference.

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I WANT A CLARITY ON CA IN DHAN REGARDING EX DATE & RECORD DATE please mention ex date or record date adjacent to the scrip

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Agreed. CA tab is really intuitive but without these modifications regarding ex & record date, it’s confusing.

@Dhan_Cares How I can come to know the upcoming quarterly result date in my holding.

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Hi @nx.vijay,

Currently we do not have this option, we will try and incorporate them upcoming versions.

Thanks @Poornima If you can bring something like this, it would be great as there are lots of upside and downside volatility during upcoming result in the stocks and it is important to know the upcoming date of the result.