Add alert button on chart of tv.dhan .web

Add direct alert feature on chart on the web version like trading view.


Hi @Abh1shekum,

We’ve forwarded your feedback to our team. Thank you!

Any update on this feature. this will reduce the time for hopping multiple screen.

Kindly look into this
We should be able to add new alerts from Dhan web

  1. From postiions page (for existing positions)
  2. From watch list also

Plz look into this

Any update plz?
It would be a big relief and avoids changing multiple screens

That is an exclusive feature of tradingview. It doesn’t extend the same to its partners.

There are wayouts that should have been implemented though. But they haven’t done so till now.

Fingers crossed for future!

@Poornima Any update on the shared feedback. its more than 1year now.

The feature is already integrated into the app
I’m asking that the same be included in the positions page, and on dhan web also

It has nothing to do with trading view etc

Oh! My mistake in reading. I thought that you are asking about adding alerts directly from

Apologies! :pray: