Add Avg price for shares transferred from other brokers

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  1. Where do we find this option to edit average price ?
  2. Can we add average price ?
  3. Can we select LTCG/STCG ?
  4. Can we add purchase date ?
  5. What about shares purchased in 1990s (before 31 Jan 2018) ? All shares in this account r purchsed in 1980s . What purchase price should i fill of 31 Jan 2018 or exact bought avg price (considering bonus, split etc) ? If I fill exact price then will tax report be prepared according to original price or according to 31 Jan 2018?
  6. Can we change buy average price again after filling? Means will I get this option to change again ?

Hi @harshn,

You will get the option to change average price and date in your portfolio. This option is only available once.

For tax handling in case of sell, request you to get in touch with your tax consultant. As an industry practice, the P&L by a broker doesn’t take corporate action into account.

@JayK hello
Regarding point 5 ,“P&L by a broker doesn’t take corporate action into account” :
This is okay but what i m asking is for eg i have 1 share of Reliance industries purchased in 1992 , now let say purchase price was Rs.100 now I add average price as Rs.100 and sell the shares through dhan , how will my tax report be formed by dhan ? Will consider profit as :
2400(sell price) - 100(original buy price in 1992) or
2400(sell price) - 960(price on 31 Jan 2018)
Kindly check carefully and clarify this :pray:t2:
@PravinJ sir maybe u could clarify this better :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hi @harshn,

The impact of shares allotted (IPO), Corporate Actions (Bonus/Splits/Demerger, etc.), and Off-Market transfers to and from your Demat account are not currently factored into the calculation of the P&L report. In such cases, you need to manually calculate the profit and loss.

We are constantly enhancing and optimising the P&L report to ensure you receive the best possible trading and investing experience.