Add Custom Timeframe in Trading View

I am requesting you to add feature of set custom timeframe in Trading View like I want to see 6 Min, 7 Min, 12Min, 17Min ,etc. Timeframes.This feature is already in Chart IQ but I want in TradingView.

Hi @EdgeTrader

As you may know, this is an exclusive feature of the TradingView. TradingView keeps a few of its features exclusive only to its product and does not extend them to its partners.

Also, we would like to share that we have recently introduced a second time frame. Please check it out Introducing: Seconds Timeframe on Charts by Dhan

Okay if it is not possible but can fix the issue of webpage that Chart IQ not opening in FullScreen on another Tab like if I click FullScreen it is opening the TradingView.

Hi @Divyesh ,
I understand that TradingView keeps certain features exclusive, but then how come Fyers platform is providing Custom timeframes in their updated version??!!
I think TradingView might have made this feature available now to be incorporated by the platforms like Dhan…
Please do check and if possible, provide the feature of adding Custom timeframes on tv.dhan

cc: @PravinJ @Naman

I am also thinking few days ago :thinking: whatever you told bcoz if it is not possible then how fyers have that feature on Trading View and fix FullScreen issue of Chart IQ also.

I was really love to trade in Dhan due to it’s various features that’s the reason I opened my account with Dhan. :sweat_smile:

It’s my humble request to technical team :grinning:

@Divyesh @PravinJ

Hi @pranav.bhargava @EdgeTrader

We have your feedback with us, if we have an update regarding this, we will add this to our Tradingview platform.

Hi @Divyesh ,
I recently observed that along with Fyers, even Zerodha(Kite) is now providing Custom timeframes in their TradingView 2.0 charts… So I think Dhan should also provide the same at the earliest.


cc: @PravinJ

Hi @Divyesh ,
Is there any update on adding Custom Timeframe in TV charts?
Requesting Team Dhan to incorporate this change at the earliest as it might benefit many.



Hi @pranav.bhargava We have the feedback from you, we will add this to our product roadmap. Will keep posted you on this.

@EdgeTrader @pranav.bhargava thrilled to share that custom timeframes are now live across all platforms on Dhan - Introducing: Custom Timeframes on TradingView charts for Dhan

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Hi @Divyesh @PravinJ, I request you to provide custom seconds timeframe as well. It would be a great help if dhan can provide this custom feature in seconds timeframe.

Have answered this here - Introducing: Custom Timeframes on TradingView charts for Dhan - #8 by PravinJ