Add to basket in option chain

hi please add add to basket feature in option chain . so that we can add scrip from there only to our basket and directly execute from there.

Hi @vrpatilisl,

Glad to inform, we do have an feature to add contracts in basket from option chain itself. Here is the screenshot for your reference.

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hi please see my imge add to basket not seen in option chain.

Hi @vrpatilisl

As checked, the basket option is visible on the same page. Request you to hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) and check once.

If still facing the same, request you to DM your registered details. Also, you can connect us via Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website or can email us at

Also, please note you must have atleast 1 basket created to get the option of “Add to Basket”.

Hi @vrpatilisl ,

Hope the reply has answered your query.

We will be closing this topic as the concern has been addressed for no further duplication in future.

For any doubt, feel free to DM.