Adjustment of intraday charts for corporate events

Currently intraday charts are not adjusted on Dhan for corporate events like Bonus, splits etc. This creates two problems:

  1. All backtesting goes for a toss. When one tries to correlate data for backtesting on Daily and above timeframes with intraday timeframes it is next to impossible as even the cursor doesn’t sync in price.

  2. Trading in those days becomes next to impossible. For e.g., refer the chart of Hindustan Aeronautics below:

The bottom right corner is HAL’s hourly chart. Now, it shows data from 5th of Sept i.e., one month. Now the implication of this is that till the time another month completes and this random data (due to corporate event) goes to the side of the screen, I won’t be able to use it (by the way, even then indicators do not properly align due to wrong past data). This same thing goes for lower timeframes like 15 min, 5 min etc.

I’m sure Dhan’s team would have taken a call regarding this at the time of starting but I feel this needs to be revisited. Anyway, this behaviour is not normal among brokers.

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Hi @Shally

As discussed we have shared this with our concern team, we will update you soon.