[again] was not able to exit iceberg position

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Again was not able to exit my position with 360 lots (18000 quantity). Also, this time I noticed that while exiting the position the iceberg toggle was turned ‘OFF’. Was not able to manually turn toggle ‘ON’ since this seems to work automatic. Forgot taking screenshot since I was in hurry to exit the position.

Again, had to first exit 359 lots then the last one.

Team, please look into this issue.

Please test this real-time at your end with 360 lots nifty50 options.

There might be a bug which is preventing iceberg toggle to turned ‘ON’ while exiting positions and hence giving that freeze limit error screen.

Overall I’m having a good experience on Dhan.

Kindly look into this asap.


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Hi @pratik01

We have identified the issue. As I mentioned earlier, it is very rare and specific to very few users, that too for limited time. Be assured this is going to get fixed in next release.