Alert through TV chart and GTT for swing trading

Dear Dhan Team,
Your efforts to make it user friendly are superb.
I just want to say that please add Alert through TV chart and GTT on sell of stocks specially for those who are working professional.
It’s very tidous job to put daily Target and stop orders for stocks in holding.
Alert through wehbook required paid version of TV so not possible.
Please give this features ASAP, it’s most demanding and have a potential to divert Zerodha customer to your side.


PLUS 1, I agree on the alert on TV feature it is very important and webhook is not a solution for everyone even if its free its not very easy to use. A simple drag and drop alert feature should be built on top of the TV platform. For GTT I think Dhan has forever order works just like GTT OCO (Stop and target)

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Dear Sahil, Dhan’s Forever order is for only buy side. Any option for forever order on sell side. Plz tell. thanks

Check this out it says it is also available on the sell side.

Check this,

At present we have enabled Forever Orders in the F&O (Futures & Options) segment for Equity & Indices on NSE.

@Dhan @Dhan_Help
It would be better if we get option to place order directly from Tradingview after analysis without any any alert for swing trades, also if we get option to place Bracket Order for swing trade not only on intraday. As GTT is not available on sell side this feature of Bracket Order (Entry,Exit, StopLoss) for Swing trade will be very helpful for working traders

The feature of having Bracket Order for swing trade will help traders a lot. @Dhan Please implement this feature,


it will help if we can have Bracket Order for swing trade as its there in Trading View

@dhan, Now mstock also update with GTT on equity sell. What are u waiting for.

Hi @paresh,

We are enhancing GTT feature, will update once we are ready.

Still we don’t have GTT type order in dhan for swing trader, we need target and Stoploss order for Equity delivery, now it is available for F&O as OCO then why can’t we have that in Equity delivery.

Please add OCO for Equity delivery too, so that working professional like me will stay with dhan forever, Dhan has lots of useful features, please add this as well, Other platforms already have this features.