All caps News Notifications

Most of the notifications come in All Caps. Could you please fix it? All caps usually denote screaming or yelling. We definitely don’t want notifications to yell at us. :smile:

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Hey @Ashrith Yes, we are aware of this. For Notifications that are triggered by us, which is mostly transactional we take care of this. The ones that you are referring to are triggered by a news service, and in this case the same comes from an external partner, we have no control on this - however the feedback has been shared with them, we will check again. One of notifications from News comes usualy, but yes, most of them in is in CAPS, something even I am not very fond of.

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A thought here – even if the news is coming from an external source(mostly API), the casing could be adjusted before sending it off to the push notification SDK. I am not sure if there is any technical limitation here

Yes, we thought to make it camel case… but then HDFC becomes Hdfc, and things like RBI becomes Rbi, ICICI Bank is Icici Bank… and makes it even more difficult to read.

@PravinJ, completely agree with your point. It won’t just become difficult, it might get confusing at times as well. However, have the timings for notifications changed?

@hrs070 The time of Live News notifications is managed by the service itself. There are lots of updates through the day, the important ones have a notification alert and the rest will appear in the News section.

would it be possible to have a stock specific news included within the stock details itself? Like Zerodha does?

Hey @encore We had it earlier, and the usage of this was very very low. Also we realised that providing news is not possibly our best usage of time and resources, news is entirely different game altogether… so we rather focus a lot on investing & trading as core products.

I understand you. Thank you for responding. :slight_smile: