Analyze the strategy stored in basket

I am new to Dhan options platform, today i created a option strategy and stored it in basket for ordering later
Afterwards I tried to get the strategy from the basket modified some legs,but unable to analise and see payoff chart.
If the future is not there please implement, if it is there how to do it

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exactly i too need this feature very much… everytime i change into the basket… i had to custom create new strategy…

snapshot feature is helpful for already created strategy not for basket. & snapshots are getting delete all in once or after a while or reopening the new page for new strategy.

Hi @gopalraoms Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, we do not have this feature at the moment, but I agree it’s a great suggestion. We will try to add this on our product roadmap.

If you are using Options Trader on the Web, you can analyse this strategy and then add to basket or execute directly.

Also noted this @Varsha777

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Thanks for your reply.Looking forward to have this feature implemented in future.So far my experience with Dhan like opening account and advanced technology adoption in every step is excellent.I am yet to explore all the other products like trading from charts etc…Enjoying the new experience.Regards
Gopal Rao

Thanks @gopalraoms, we regularly post updates on our product improvements on this community.