AnaStrat Trading Journal & Analytics: Now live for Super Traders of Dhan

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to announce that AnaStrat is now live for Dhan users!

Upskill your trading with the best Trading Journal, post-trade analytics and pre-trade analytics.

Trading Journal with Tag Analytics - AnaStrat’s Trade Journal is one of most sophisticated features on the platform that helps you save a lot of hours and ease your journaling experience. It increases productivity and efficiency through an effortless function and does not require journaling expertise. Experience accelerated efficiency and agility to get better at your strategies.
You will be able to unite your distanced datapoints with painless trade book imports, learn from the critical insights that platform suggests and execute improved strategies as a result.

  1. Custom Tags
  2. View trade chart (currently only on indices)
  3. Upload images/screenshots
  4. Add comments

Post-Trade Analytics - Detailed dissection of your trading journey. Know your pros and cons in trading and maximise for the best. Get insights on your trading style like aggression, calculatedness and panic selling (coming soon), and
In AnaStrat’s Post-trade Analytics, we have

  1. Trade Statistics
  2. Day Analysis
  3. Time Analysis
  4. Trade Breakdowns
  5. Behavioral Traits (coming soon)
  6. Critical insights

Pre-Trade Analytics - Picking up cues from multiple factors before the markets open is one of the most notable trait of successful traders. Co-relating global markets, FII-DII moves, analyzing SGX nifty play and more, all such thing gives the trader an edge to trade with higher conviction.
In AnaStrat’s Pre-trade analytics, we have

  1. Pre-Open Market view
  2. Put-Call Ratios
  3. Support and Resistance Levels - Pivot point based (Classic, Fibonacci and Camarilla)
  4. Support and Resistance Levels - Option Chain OI based and Max Pain
  5. FII-DII data
  6. Global Markets
  7. ADRs

Know more how you can improve your trading with AnaStrat on

Please feel free to give feedback and feature requests. And let us know the best feature you liked of AnaStrat!


Thanks for bringing it, but my question is do we need seperate subscription or is it included with dhan for free?

Its a separate subscription. You can start free with a 30 day trial and then is 30% off exclusively for Dhan users.


I cannot see my old trade stats

Hi Satyam,

The analytics is real-time when you login. We do not save any data. For the same reason, the recent quarter and the last quarter of trades can be realized for now. Shall soon be upgrading stability for full financial year trades. Shall keep you posted!

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Yes please bring full FY and multi FY analytics.

Noted! Shall bring that soon.

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I cant ever see stats of my last week , last month traders forget quarter

Please hit the sync button on the top right corner and it should fetch the trades and insights!

Also, we have a webinar coming up this week on Thursday which should be able to answer any other doubts! Details here :smiley:

Feature Update:

Hello Everyone!

Elated to announce that trade charts now support MCX Commodity trades! :star_struck:

Trade Charts has been one of the most loved feature of AnaStrat. No more saving trade screenshots and the struggle to find them when needed.

And it now we’re started support for commodity trades :rocket:

Extending this feature for Equity Intraday and FnO soon!

Feedback from the community helps us build better. Feel free to reach out incase of any feedback, bugs or queries.


Here’s a set of videos to help you make the most out of AnaStrat’s Trading Journal!

5 videos (8 minutes in total): AnaStrat’s Trading Journal

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Detailed trade stats are now live on AnaStrat’s Trade Journal!

See how well you've been doing on your trades and maximizing efficiency on entries and exits.

Analytics over entries and exits coming up soon too!

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hey, it shows 7 days trial only

Does this journal stop working?

Is anyone using any other online trade journal??

Is this compay dead, the website gone!!!

hi @rustam, Yes - Anastrat shut down recently. We will remove this post.


"Dear Pravin Sir,

I kindly request your attention to the integration process with the TradeZella Trading Journal platform. I have been making this request since the beginning of the year, and it is now essential for Anastrat to proceed with the integration without any further delay."
Integration with TradeZella Trading journal platform - Feature Requests :raised_hand: - Dhan Community