Any way to add our own indicators

Please allow some way to add our own indicators in the option chart,
either in Pinescript or Python, or some other language.
because many traders have many different strategies and parameters, it won’t be even possible to add all indicators.
if they don’t allow in pinescript, allow us to add our indicators in some other language, so that we can convert pinescript in that and will be able to see charts.
webhook is a good feature but to send orders we need to see indicators in the options chart.
please provide some solution other than webhook.

Hi @NavinAgicha Welcome to Dhan community

TradingView has two versions, one which they make available on and another one is the hosted library that we use across Dhan platforms. Pinescript is presently not extended to the hosted library we have on Dhan.

So alternatively you can do either of this…

  1. Connect Dhan directly with TradingView: TradingView Connect Broker - Connect Dhan to Trading Panel

  2. Use free Webhooks to trade from TradingView. More on that here: Introducing: Webhooks as Order Type on Dhan. Now do Options Trading on

We have a quick video on that here:

ok just one request,
as we see RSI, ADX on bottom of chart,
want to same see in main price chart.
i know it is not practically possible for you to add all complex indicators of tradingview.
i have made simple pinecode for the same.
TV-Main v1 — Indicator by NavinAgicha2 — TradingView
it can really help many traders.
if possible please consider this, these on options chart will be really helpful in intraday trading.
i can sit with your team to make this.