App lagging too much

Mobile app lagging too much while scrolling over stocks in watchlist also when placing order …


Hi @Amol ,

We have been continuously monitoring our platforms and found it to be working fine.

It would be very helpful if you can share a screenshot or screen recording at of the error you’re facing at, will get this checked.

Hi @Divyesh can you please check the video i have shared on
This is weird behaviour of app. Multiple time stucks or laggs too much. This will impact order placement as well. Not executing on time.

Hi @Amol ,

Thanks for highlighting this. We have shared the resolution on your registered email id.

Hi @Divyesh @Dhan @PravinJ
One more video from web is also shared now. Please go through it once then you will realise that how serious is this issue.
Dont make me regret for shiftting to dhan.
If this will continue then i will shift to my old broker

Many people plan for shift to Old broker, Because its all about authenticity.

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Hi @Amol,

For today, there was a intermittent chart data lag in the morning for a few mins, which was identified and resolved.

For the watchlist case shared by you, our team had replicated and found it to be working and shared the results as well with you over email. You may have experienced it due to internet connectivity. Happy to have our team connect over video meet in case this persists.

DHAN improving. Now its not exchange issue but internet issue. :crossed_fingers:

In morning 9.15 am, dhan web not working!

Still facing issue in both app and web. App is lagging too much. I have checked my internet speed also. And it is very good. Other broker apps are running in my mobile very smoothly but Dhan is lagging too much. Nothing work smoothly in Dhan.
If anybody wants recording then i have proof, will share if required.

Also see the notification timings😂

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Hi @Amol,

We have monitored our app performance and found it to be working seamlessly for our users. We would like to understand and resolve your specific case.

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or at

They will never accept it sir.

see urself what the data says.

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Its a repeated issue in dhan. Their mobile app is one industry worst in rate refreshment. The main thing is that they never accept their product performance issue.Either they will blame internet connectivity or nse data fetching.

I don’t understand zerodha, upstox & so on companies are getting the same data from same exchange but they are able to provide the rates seamless. Then we should understand where is the performance issue.Dhan has an misconception that they can attract customers by providing fancy things in the application.
Yes you can do it. But customers won’t sustain with dhan if there is a big core performance problems.Kindly provide good basic performance in all platforms not fancy things.

Hi @Danish, welcome to Dhan community. There has been such comparison of Dhan with competing platforms on Dhan forums earlier as well, and our response to this remains same as earlier. This isn’t apples to apples comparison. The competing platform on their login domain - keeps only html page for login. Dhan, on the same url - loads the entire web application. Our platforms have an architecture different from rest. Page load comparison here has zero implications on how data is consumed, which is in our case is via websockets; specially here when the thread is for app performance.

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We are updating app refresh rates in our upcoming builds. We have also commented on this on earlier threads, posting same here:

  • Order execution is slow and takes time: Request to use Thunderbolt button for instant orders. In the newer version of the app, we made it a default action now to avoid confusion for users. (this is already live)

  • Order execution on Dhan is slow: We noticed users mentioning us in comparison with other broker apps and also checked for the behavior. On the Dhan app, when users execute their orders, we bring them to the Order trade-book to show the executed order - while on other apps where the comparison was made, it keeps the user on the same screen from where order is placed. We are evaluating if we want to move to that, if it gives a perception of a fast order execution. We are also improving our app refresh rates with coming releases. (this is work in progress).

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Hi. Thanks for the wonderful and feature filled app by your team.
But the problem of lagging is there.
If i switch to some other app from Dhan and then come back to Dhan then the prices in watchlist gets frozen.
We have to either log in again or switch pages in the app to get the tickets working again.

Hi @Aditya84, thanks for the note. Yes, we are updating apps with better refresh rates in the next releases to handle few of these scenarios.

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True lagging isnt ending with dhan day by day lagging is dormient part in dhan platform

When customer is reporting to executive a nice replied by executive we replicate & its working fine