App login QR scanner not working sometimes

Hi @Dhan_Help

Login to Dhan web using Dhan mobile app QR scanning doesn’t work sometimes. The QR scanner opens, scans the QR and shows the app home page. But login to the Dhan web interface doesn’t happen. The web screen just keeps displaying the QR code. Please look in to this.

This happened to me last week, that was the first and last time I faced this problem. I closed the browser and tried again; it worked in my case. This is not a reply to your issue, but just wanted to share my own experience too here. :slight_smile:

This happens the very first time I fired the browser also. I have tried using chrome and edge.

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Will check this, happened for which website -, or some other partner login?

Thanks. Had issue with

@PravinJ not sure whether anything was done at your end. But today from morning QR scanning is working fine.

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