Are you a day trader

If you are how many positions you take in a day and how you manage to keep eye everywhere

Day trader here, and you might be disappointed to know that I take only one position. Not that I can handle two or used to trade 4 at one time. Until I found out many things doesn’t necessarily translate into more money, well for me.

When doing 1 has slightly more or less returns wrt doing 3 or 4, the choice became more clear.

But the answer you are looking for might not be in here. Maybe you have better returns doing multiple scripts at a time. Then someone who handles multi positions will have a better answer.


Hi @omkar Bro … @ronin Has Given the Perfect Answer …let me add something to it …(@ronin if you want to add anything with my ans …Love to read your opinion )

u need to answer some questions to get this knowledge in the right way … …

It’s basically Psycologgy + money management concept … …

How much % of returns do you want on your capital in a month ???
How much money u want as a profit in a month …??

How much % of returns u can make with 100% capital in a month ??
How many trades u need to take to make Your returns % in a month ???
How much % of u want to risk your capital on every single trade …???

if you answer all this with logic …you will get the answer for yourself with a better understanding …of why we have 99% loss-making people …and how to get in in 1 %

don’t read this: this is cheating …once again don’t read this …until u answer the above questions … if you are still reading this …control yourself…don’t read …still reading …???..oh god … if you risk 5 % of your capital in a 1:5 risk and reward trade …with one single trade u can make 25 % returns …thats the beauty of trading …don’t ask me what if I lose 5% or how can I find 1:5 trades or in witch segments …that all has to come from your logical thinking …Hope this helps brother …

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@RajaSekhar8309344585 @ronin Thank you guys right now my aim is to get 10% return on my capital every month and i have only four stocks in my list but strategy i am using needs so much paitence but winning rate is around 70%and stop loss is very small so its like most of the time i dont even get trade according to my setup so I start looking everywhere for good opportunity but when you doing multiy tasking you fail to take right decisions also i am failing to find high momentum stocks at the same time. If you are trading on daily basis i will like to be friends with you guys as I dont have any friend who trade on daily basis we can help each other to find better opportunities