ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

Hello Team,
Kindly provide “ATR Trailing Stop Indicator” as soon as possible on platform.

@PravinJ @Naman ??
Kindly reply on this…

Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde - At this moment, we are working on few other things like Strategy Builder, and more.

For specific indicator - we would request to trade directly from TradingView using the TradingPanel. Its super seamless :slight_smile:

Start providing option data in Tradingview, I will trade there.
No need of platform.
As of now, I think you have zero priority for users who trade in option.
Request you to focus on “What end user wants??”, not on what your team wants.
First provide basic things, then do fancy work.

Hi Amar, TradingView is product that is managed by TradingView team, not by Dhan. Our team simply provides execution capabilities on TradingView via their trading panel. Once TradingView starts providing Options Data on its platform it will be available for execution as well.

Also we understand Option Traders like to also trade on charts - which is where we have incorporated them across all our platforms, and also a dedicated console on

Hope this helps.

Hello @Amarsingh_Shinde

We are taking on new indicator requests directly from the community with our next update: Build with Dhan: Request Indicators you want us to add on TradingView ( .

Do add your requests too in this list and we would be happy to pick them up and build next.