Auto Logout Problem

Hi @Dhan @Dhan_Help @PravinJ,

Today I have encountered with auto logout problem during my trading session at least thrice. As a scalper I found it very annoying during having an open position. Please do something to avoid such an irritating situation.

Thank you

Hi @MonkInTrade, Our web sessions are now on an average 6-8 hours, if a session is continued and requires revalidation - it happens with PIN only. Some of the measures are for security of account.

We have seen users move between Dhan web (, Dhan TradingView ( and Options Trader ( via typing at again and starting a new session. We have quick shortcuts for same on Dhan dashboard + My Profile tab… or via links on Dhan web ( - these requests go with SSO (single sign-on) and easier to maintain sessions v/s triggering any other way. Request you to to give this a try., I personally browse this way.


Thank you for your advice. Next time I will try that.


Sir, Same problem here. Even I have not switched between different web pages except opening TV charts from your Dhan link. I logged in after market opening as 9.20 am or so and now it is 3.10 pm i.e., nearly six hours and suddenly your web page logged out from my two chart web pages and two main pages relating to position and market watch. This is annoying as the market is nearing closing time and luckily I was not in urgency to square off any of my position.

Please look into as I am a number of times getting logged out within three to four hours.

Hi @anilpalan,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

Hi @Poornima. I am also experiencing a frequent logout. Sometime, all of the sudden during live market session gets logged out and it is very weired. Request you to please keep the session at least opened till the market is not fully closed.

Hi @anilpalan @nx.vijay Forceful session log-outs will happen only and only when something in session gets invalidated and for security reasons our systems will auto log-out you. Please note this is by design to keep your trading accounts secure.

That aside I am assuming you are talking about web platforms only, we recently (last week) pushed never unified login to our web platforms ( + + Request you to do a browser hard refresh and login just to be sure. Our standard login-times are 6 to 8 hours and we keep a track of this. We also see user shuffling between our web platforms, while they are all hosted on our domain (, they essentially are 3 different applications.

Hi @PravinJ - I have experienced this issue multiple time on Dhan mobile app. Whenever there is low internet bandwidth and after we open the app we see only the Dhan flash screen and after 10-15 seconds it shows our mobile number to re-login.

Due to low (but app should work) network connectivity the flash screen doesn’t move forward to login screen.

One suggestion is to please remove this flash screen and directly show the login screen as soon as we open the app. This will help us login faster even with low internet bandwidth connection.

hey, the app splash screen is only until the app is ready to login, its not forceful. Idea is always to get users to login as faster as they can.

I ran into this issue yesterday and today. At around 3.25pm the session got invalidated. I had opened 4 separate tabs for charts and all 4 tabs got refreshed to login page.

how to ensure the session does not log out, esp in the closing minutes?