Automatic cancel of SL order at the time position squired off

Sometime we forgot to cancel our SL order . As specially in case of option scalper , SL order may trigger after he/she squired off a position . This can be very dangerous if he/she just close his/her terminal after squaring off and forgot to cancel SL order. So new feature may be added in Order window where stop loss order can be linked with that position and SL order will automatically cancelled once position is squired off.

Hi @Subhalaxmi,

We understand your point and noted it. At the same time, we have seen used cases where users take a fresh short position against their open position from a hedge prespective, which the system may not be able to determine. We will share your feedback for further evaluation.

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This can be an issue . But can this linking of position to SL done manually by user at the time placing stop loss.