Basket Execution Order

While executing basket order Long segs should get executed first and after that short positions should get executed.

Right now all legs are submitted for execution at once so get hedge benefit trader will have to manually which is a slow and inconvenient process.

At least, you can give a checkbox to let traders choose if he wants to execute in this way.

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Hi @aryan

We have explained the detail in the below post :

However, we have noted your feedback to enhance the same.

I agree…I had already mentioned in one of the previous post that after getting the notification from the previous successful execution then you can try to execute the rest of the legs in the same way. A minor delay execution in delay of few milli second is acceptable subject to after successful execution of the previous order, then only you should try to execute the rest, one by one in the same way

IMHO, as Long legs are getting executed, respective nos. of short side should also get executed. manually execution causes delay and short side may not get executed at desired price… we’ll have to update short side price again then execute

It doesn’t work properly… I place 2 long side first and then 2 short side… 2 long and 1 short was placed but 1 was rejected.

Please fix it… this delay causes slippage

Hi @aryan,

We would like to understand and resolve your specific case. Request you to drop us an email at mentioning the order details we will have this checked.