Basket Order Bug in Dhan Mobile

Hello, I found a bug in Dhan mobile. I have created a basket order with the following OVERNIGHT positions in Dhan mobile:


The required margin is showing 2lakhs plus which is very high. I have checked the same basket on Dhan Web (created on mobile) the FUT leg product type was showing as DELIVERY if I change that again with Overnight it’s showing correctly in Dhan Web.

  1. Basket order created on Dhan Mobile showing product type as DELIVERY in Dhan web.

  2. Modified the order again in Dhan Web to Normal Overnight.

Kindly, cross-check and resolve this issue asap.

Thank you,

Basket Order Default Type

When I was creating the legs in a basket I have set the default order type as β€œNormal Overnight” for the first leg. From the next leg addition, It’s showing as β€œIntraday”.

I need to select the Normal Overnight option every time for every leg.

Fix this too…

Hey @Siddharth, welcome to Dhan community. :slight_smile:

Thank you for highlighting this issue, we are fixing this on priority. Will update you as soon as we have fixed it.

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@shraddha Kindly, check the Basket Order Default Type too.

Thank you for responding.

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