Basket order from TV. Dhan

Presently, created and saved baskets in Dhan can only be executed on TV. Dhan and there is no functionality to create a fresh basket. If one wants to trade from chart, option should be there to create basket there as pre saved basket strikes may have become irrelevant as market moves. whole point of placing order from chart is to trade on the go

Hi @amk20000,

We do have the option to create a fresh basket from Here is the video for your reference.

Have noted your feedback on creating a basket through chart.

TV basket

Hi @Poornima , to add on to that

Can DHAN create a few buttons in the basket . (Something like the ideas section.)

On web , we choose ATM STRADDLE / IRON FLY on the go through basket

Hi @pavz,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have noted this.

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Hi @Poornima , to add on to that the basket window is way to big and takes unnecessary space on screen. Please reduce that and also make it floating just like the Option Chain.

Hi @Akhil153045,

Thanks for your feedback. We will surely consider your suggestions.