Better Alert System like Kite Zerodha or In-chart alerts like Trading View

Hello team @Dhan @PravinJ @Naman
I have got you a new scope of improvement that can be added in Dhan web platform

Eventhough i have now made Dhan as my primary Trading account, i excessively depend on Alerts for taking entries, Dhan has alert system - but still there is a room for improvement,
if you look at Zerodha Kite’s Alert system, we can set alert- add some title text to it which reminds us the “Call to Action” & we will get the push notifications with zerodha.

Hence i am moving back & forth between Dhan (to execute trade) & zerodha ( to set alerts)
It would be great, if you can improve the alert system in Dhan so that everything happens within Single platform
or else maybe if it is possible to implement - Inchart Alert system like Trading View :smiley:

Any of the above 2 systems will work for us & help us be seamless with trading…
(:green_circle: Push Notifications with Alert sound is more important though )

Hope we would soon see this feature :smile:
@PravinJ @Naman



@kckittu you are not alone :smiley: I too use Zerodha for setting alerts (also long-term investments) and Dhan for trading :smiley:

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Hi @kckittu @ravi_krishna

Thanks for choosing dhan.

Yes, completely agree that price alerts on dhan are basic. Enhancing the Alerts is already in our roadmap.

Be assure, we will deliver the best-in-class Alert experience on Dhan.

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@Naman Also adding alert is also cumbersome. 1st you need to add the stock in watchlist and then from there you can add alert. But there is no way to add the alert by going in the “Price alert” under your name in top left. There you can see only added alerts and archive alerts. There should be option to add alert from there.