"Boring candle and explosive candle" indicator NEED TO BE UPDATED!

Hi Team,

I am a consistent user of “Boring candle and explosive candle” indicator.
However this indicator needs to be updated a little it.

There is no option to use only “Boring candle” or only “Explosive candle” which is very necessary.

If I need to apply Boring candle, The explosive candle is applied automatically and there is no option to disable that.

Kindly look into this concern and take this to improvement team for addition of this into DHAN platform.

Thanks and regards,
Prem Bhoir

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Hi @iprrem

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As of this moment, the separate indicator for “Boring candle” and “Explosive candle” is only available on tradingview.com. In TradingView, users can create customized indicators according to their preferences and needs.

Hi @Divyesh ,

Yes, Separate indicators are available on tradingview.

But we need a checkbox at least in the DHAN to have only boring or exciting candles only.